Enabling del.icio.us link splicing

I’ve just enabled splicing of my del.icio.us bookmarks into the feed for this site. For those that subscribe to the feed (via Feedburner which hopefully every feed link on this site should go through) will get a single daily digest of any bookmarks I make. I’ve done this partly to make more use of del.icio.us than I currently do. I’ll aim to add a small personal comment to each item I bookmark to help people work out if they will find it worthwhile following any links. Another reason for doing this is that I’ve found quite a few links this way from Andy, Roo and other’s feeds.

One thought on “Enabling del.icio.us link splicing

  1. At the risk of making me sound argumentative, can I suggest you reconsider? In my experience, RSS feeds that try to push too much through are the first to get dumped from my RSS reader. I consciously made the choice not to aggregate delicious on my blog, partly because I use delicious fairly heavily (up to 30 bookmarks/day), but also because bookmarks just don’t add so much value as one’s own thoughts (or so I like to think). And I do enjoy reading your musings about Ireland 🙂

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