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We got the first batch of our wedding photos delivered this week, as a set of 7×5″ prints. I’m chuffed with how they have turned out and am looking forward to receiving the full set in soft copy so I can put them up on the web. I’ll link to them over at our wedding blog and here. A shout out must go to James and Shawna at AAA Photos for a sterling job.

I’ve also been busy with my camera and new lens at the wedding of our friends Steve and Louise in the UK last week. I took it along purely in an unofficial capacity as the ideal opportunity to test out the 17-55 in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations. It was also the first serious work out for my 430EX Speedlight which proved invaluable for fill both indoors and out. I’ve yet to fully master it, but am very happy with the results. I won’t be posting them to flickr, but have put up a slideshow of them. Given that they had a pro doing their main shots I stayed in the background for the most part trying hard not to interfere (there’s nothing worse than missing a shot because everybody happened to be looking at the wrong, i.e. my, camera I’d imagine!) so I’m most happy with some of the more reportage style of shots, especially these two:

Wedding image 1

Wedding image 2

(Sorry if you are viewing this on the web and the images sneak across the right column of the page, but I don’t have the software at work to do a decent job of resizing them)

I especially like the way that the backlighting on the second one highlights the hair, and the catchlights in the eyes from the Speedlight.

The formal shots took a good 90 minutes or so but once the reception meal started the pro ‘tog finished up leaving me to capture some shots inside, of which my favourite is this one capturing Louise’s reaction to her father’s speech:

Wedding image 3

I won’t be giving up the day job anytime soon though – I can’t imagine there are many more stressful jobs than official wedding photography. It is easy to capture decent shots when I can both relax in the knowledge that nobody is counting on me and also when I can pick and choose the ones I want to show (notice the complete lack of group shots!)

2 thoughts on “Wedding photos

  1. It can be fairly stressful running around all day for 12 hours but it’s worth it when you get something that your really like at the end of it. Even better when our couples like the work we do too. A DVD will be in tomorrows post for you. Hope the two of you like the images as much as we do.

  2. Some fantastic photos there Adrian.

    I’m sure the newly-weds will enjoy some of those candid shots as much as the formal photos, they give you a view of the event as it was for the guests, not just the bride & groom. I know I did from my wedding, and they were no-where near the quality of these!

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