Small differences

In all honesty there’s not much different about living in Dublin compared to the UK. A few more Garda roadblocks to check on illegal vehicles maybe (shock horror, the Irish seem to appreciate that pro-active policing is infinitely better than sticking a random revenue generating safety cameras up!)

However, one difference has become apparent recently. It’s getting to the time of year which in the UK is marked by the night sky being filled with fireworks as kids and adults alike enjoy the run up to Guy Fawkes night.

Not here however. Fireworks are illegal in the Republic of Ireland. It seems awfully quiet.

3 thoughts on “Small differences

  1. That sounds like a major bonus to me! Having to share my house with the numerous dogs my wife looks after in her job as a pet sitter means the weeks around bonfire night can be a complete nightmare if we have dogs that get spooked by fireworks – perhaps we should consider moving to Dublin!

  2. @Fireworks are illegal in the Republic of Ireland.
    Fireworks have been illegal in the Republic of Ireland for a long time, but this is the first year that they have actually started enforcing the rule – probably due to a number of accidents in recent years with poor quality illegal fireworks.

    One thing you will have to get used to about living in Ireland is that the laws that get enforced are an unpredictable subset of the laws on the books.

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