Why don’t some people watch where they are going and make an effort to get out of the way?

Why do some people need to park right outside the entrance door to our apartment block when there are free parking spaces 10 yards away?

Why do people see the need to go the wrong way down a 1-way aisle outside the shopping centre just to get to a car parking spot 20 yards closer to the shops?

Why when the fire alarm goes off at 2am and indicates that a heat sensor in the underground car park is registering 62C am I the only person out of about a dozen who thinks it is sensible to perform a visual check rather than just turning off the alarm and going back to bed? At least the other eleven actually got out of bed I suppose.

Why do people who serve me always seem to need me to say things twice?

Why does the minimum possible standard seem to be the one that is delivered?

And finally…

Why have these things started to get to me all of a sudden?

3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. …because life is gay and people are idiots, and because you are getting old(er). I speak from experience and a growing body of personal evidence…

    Steve Pullen – too bloody right! God this winds me up…

    Why can’t people be bothered to return their trolleys to the correct place at the supermarket carpark, leaving them in parking spaces instead?

    Why do people drop litter? Honestly, go to Copenhagen and it’s spotless, but here people just can’t be arsed to wait 10 seconds to find a bin…


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