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I’ve tended not to use this blog to talk about work much, so I’ll gladly point readers off to a new blog from the Lotus Connections product team: Synch.rono.us

I work with Suzanne, Joe and David on Lotus Connections and they are just the right people to bring you news and insight into where the product is going, and how it may benefit you if you happen to be looking for a social software platform for the enterprise. You never know, I might pop up there now and again with a guest entry!

2 thoughts on “Lotus Connections team blog

  1. Adrian

    The link to the new blog @ http://synch.rono.us/ appears to be going to a page that has been parked by GoDaddy.com. (Edit: link fixed to be correct in comment – Adrian)

    Please can you confirm whether this is the correct URL ?


    Dave Hay

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