Attending Lotusphere 2008

In a couple of weeks I’ll be heading off to Orlando and my first ever Lotusphere conference. I’ll be staffing the Meet the developers lab and showing off some of the new stuff we are doing in the next release of Lotus Connections.

Being a relative Lotus newbie I am looking forward to experiencing Lotusphere. Whilst I’ve been to many WebSphere and Transaction & Messaging/Impact conferences before, they don’t seem to have the same buzz as Lotusphere. I’ve been taking a look at a few photos on flickr and for instance a search for ‘lotusphere2007’ returns 2,940 results compared to a meagre 69 for ‘impact ibm’! I remember walking around an evening reception at T&M Europe 2006 in Salzburg with my camera and getting some strange looks 😉 Needless to say I’ll have my camera with my in Orlando and will do my best to post up the photos to flickr as I go along, as well as the occasional blog post and twitter update I guess.

If you happen to read this and are attending then drop a comment as it would be great to meet people.

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