Dear Apple

Well you kind of let me down with the Macbook Air. 1 USB port? No replaceable battery? Lack of the syncing stuff I hoped for. And the price…

However, I’ll let you off since you gave me this:

iPod touch update

£12.99 well spent. The touch was already eminently useable for most of my browsing and media needs, now it’s even more so.

4 thoughts on “Dear Apple

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I already had the iPod Touch. Apple yesterday released a $20/£12.99 update that added in all the applications that were present on the iPhone but not the iPod Touch e.g. Mail, Google Maps, Stocks, Weather and Notes.

  2. Adrian, thanks for this, I’d missed that particular announcement from Macworld so, on reading your post, I rushed out and spent my £12.99 🙂

    Had a few problems applying the necessary updates to the iPod Touch ( including 1602 and 1604 errors ) but resolved it in the end with a little help from Google ( had to restore the iPod configuration and data from iTunes, which was no real drama ).

    I can now post to my blog from my iPod ( on those rare occasions when I’m not lugging a Thinkpad around ).

    See you in Orlando

  3. I did the same that evening,upgrade iTunes to 7.6 then buy these extra apps, then fix up my gmail account, its outragous, and when they finally release the SDK, expect a load more as well. All we need is Lotus Mobile Connect and a real Notes Client (Native ) , I saw this on the web, but it turns out to be rubbish Lotus is delivering a web mail system, not a native app. So looking forward to skype and a microphone headphones. Then who needs an iphone.

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