iPhone event

So Apple have announced an event for 6th March (see TUAW) Here’s my wishes:

  • Obviously the SDK is going to be released. I hope this provides support for the iPod Touch as well.
  • Flash would be nice
  • Enterprise capabilities? Well support for 802.11 authentication and LEAP would be nice!
  • There’s already a VPN client, but I don’t know if I can use it to get into IBM (I suspect not) One where I knew I could would be cool

3 thoughts on “iPhone event

  1. yes, LEAP would be good, and and IBM compatible VPN would be even better.. I wonder what -actually- went onto our iPhones and Touches with the 1.1.4 update ??? seemed a bit big for just bug fixes…

  2. I think (for the touch at least) that each update is simply a replacement of the whole OS rather than a delta. They all seem to have been around the 150-160MB mark.

  3. possibly… the one thing i did notice about 1.1.4 was that if i click a youtube link in say an email or a website, it opens in the native youtube application on the iPhone, not the actual youtube site..) or was that there before ? 🙂

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