The iPhone comes to Ireland with a whimper

O2 Ireland are bringing the iPhone here on 14th March.

Some points:

  • No unlimited data plan. 1GB per month limit. 2c per MB after that. That works out at just over €20 for an extra GB/month.
  • No visual voicemail
  • €399 for the 8GB, €499 for the 16GB
  • €45 per month for the cheapest tarrif giving 175 minutes and 100 texts per month. 18 month agreement.

So, am I going to get one? No. Why?

  • I already have a 16GB iPod touch that does just about everything I need bar making calls
  • My Nokia N80 suits me fine.
  • I’ll wait for the 3G iPhone to come along thanks.
  • The handset prices are too high, coming in at more than £50 more expensive than you’d pay on O2 UK for a 16GB model.
  • I’m a Speakeasy (PAYG) customer. Those contract rates look stupid compared to what you get on O2 in the UK. £35 for 600 minutes, 500 texts, unlimited data and visual voicemail. I’m not about to sign up for 18 months of what are offering.
  • No indication of any wifi hotspot deal such as O2 UK have with The Cloud.

All in all the term rip-off springs to mind.

2 thoughts on “The iPhone comes to Ireland with a whimper

  1. I wouldn’t even call it a whimper.. it’s more like the iPhone limps into Ireland… no visual voicemail?? no unlimited data plan?? no wifi bundle?? uplift int he handset price?? what are they thinking ?? The whole point of the iPhone is that it uses data.. and if you play right.. lots..

    To limit the useage to a mere 1GB a month.. is just plain crazy!!

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