What to do with the iPod Touch?

So, as stated in the update to the previous entry, I’m now planning on getting an iPhone 2 as and when July 1tth comes around and I can get a fulfilled order. The begging question then is what to do with the 16GB iPod Touch I already have. My initial thoughts are:

  • Keep the Touch as the main sync’d source of my music and video, thus keeping it paired with the iMac at home
  • Set up the iPhone with my work MBP to sync stuff like podcasts, videocasts, photos and applications from app store

Basically use 32GB of storage, across two devices, for different purposes. With twice the battery life.

The iPhone will live with me, and I might sync a small amount of music to it as well. The touch will come out on trips. When I’m on a train/flight etc and want extended amounts of video/music. Also when I’m sat working at my desk.

Another potential would be to use one for music and one for video. I’m ripping more and more video from DVD to an iPod Touch/iPhone friendly format using Handbrake, but at the moment I have to juggle the 16GB of space on the Touch between that and the music library which is 32Gb on it’s own.

Yet more shady iPhone practices from O2 Ireland

Unless you live in a cave, you have probably seen that yesterday Apple announced the new iPhone 2 with 3G wireless, built in GPS and a few more features.

Now, the iPhone has been on sale in Ireland for a while now, and the way it has been sold by O2 Ireland has been a bit of a rip off to say the least. See my previous blog entry for more details.

So, with the release of the new iPhone, is this a chance for them to redeem themselves? Apple have stated the price for the 8GB version of iPhone 2 will be a maximum of $199 or the equivalent in another currency. The 16GB is a max of $299. So, what do we get when we go to o2.ie?

Well, first you get a latest news link:


Clicking on the link takes you to their general iPhone page:


Note the banner ad style item at the top of the page. No spec details. Does not link to anything. No pricing information. No register interest link. Nothing.

And what’s below? That’s right, their sales banner for the old iPhone. Yes, O2 Ireland are probably the only people in the world who are actually still selling the original 8GB iPhone, and for you, the lucky punter you can get it for just €299. That’s $463 at current exchange rates. But hey, you get free delivery. Oh and don’t forget this is still without Visual Voicemail, no free wireless deal and just 1GB per month of data. Want the beefier (but still old) 16GB phone? No problem – that will be €499 ($774) please.

Maybe the actual sales page highlights the fact that these are the old models which they clearly have too much stock of or something and are trying to shift before the masses clue in? Nope. Their details product page shows no actual detailed information about the phone at all. Visually there is practically no difference when viewing frontal shots of iPhone 1 or 2, and there is nothing on that page which states this is the old phone.

Never have I encountered a situation where the old phrase Caveat Emptor rings truer. O2 Ireland should be shamed for this attempt to cash in on the buzz generated by the announcement of the new iPhone. They could certainly learn from their sister company in the UK. They have been very quick to provide updated sales information with all trace of the old iPhone gone. In fact their deal look great and it will be very interesting to see how their pricing (8GB free on selected tarrifs, 16GB £99 on £45/month or above tariffs) compares with the eventual details from O2.ie. The latter deliberately tried to fleece their customers with the original iPhone, even by their own admission. I hold out little hope they will improve their behaviour.


So, the top banner ad now links to the this press release. Relevant details:

Tuesday June 10, 2008 O2 today announced that the iPhone 3G will be available in Ireland on July 11. The iPhone 3G device price will be subsidised and priced according to which of the existing three iPhone tariffs a customer chooses to sign up to. The subsidised device prices will start from just €49.

So, subsidised price, good…

iPhone 3G will offer faster browsing speeds on the move over O2’s HSDPA network. It will be available in an 8GB model and a 16GB model. The 8GB iPhone 3G will cost just €49 on the €100 monthly iPhone tariff, €99 on the €65 tariff and €169 on the €45 tariff. The 16GB iPhone 3G will cost €129 on the €100 monthly tariff option, €169 on the €65 tariff and €229 on the €45 tariff. All iPhone tariffs include anytime minutes, texts and a 1GB data bundle.

So, the tariffs remain the same. The base €45 per month tariff only offering 175 minutes and 100 texts. Still pretty paltry. The 1GB data limit still applies, and no mention of Visual Voicemail yet.

They have, to their credit, announced a wifi deal:

In a separate announcement today, O2 and Bitbuzz, Ireland’s leading Wi-Fi service provider, have agreed a new deal to provide O2’s iPhone customers with free access to Bitbuzz Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country. The deal, which is for an initial duration of 2 years, will cover the provision of Wi-Fi internet access at all Bitbuzz locations in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland – 155 in total. Under the new deal, access to the Bitbuzz service will be unlimited** for O2 iPhone customers,. Access will be available from July 11 2008.

This is good if you live in Dublin, not so good elsewhere. For instance, 93 of their hotspot locations are in the capital whilst the rest of the country is patchy at best. Still, I already get free Eircom wireless through my broadband account, so that’s no big deal. It does mean I would have even more wifi coverage were I to get an iPhone.

So, the million dollar question. Will I? Well, probably yes. The cost of entry is sufficiently low now. For the level of usage I have the €45 tariff is good enough and I’ll live with, but complain about the 1GB limit. I’ll be ordering a 16GB iPhone 2 come the first of July.

It’s still a bit rich to continue to sell the old phone so blatently without making it clear that people are not ordering the new one.