Hamleys Dundrum the first flagship store outside Regent St? Don’t think so…

I read recently that Hamleys, the famous Regent Street toy store, are to open a three storey shop in the Dundrum Town Centre shopping mall in Dublin. As I live in Dublin this is nice for me.

However, I take issue with the claim that this is:

its first standalone store in Europe besides its Regent Street flagship.

When I was a kid growing up in Luton I clearly remember the opening of the first ever Hamleys store outside of Regent Street in a two storey shop attached onto the side of the Arndale Centre by the town hall. As a kid it was kind of a big deal, and a must-stop destination on the Thursday after school shopping trips with my Mum. It was there for a good few years in the mid to late 80’s. Checking Wikipedia there is no mention of it, but my memory does not deceive me. I might go and edit the entry but as Google isn’t turning up any references to the existence of the store somebody will probably take the edit down for lack of citation or something.

So, hard luck Dublin you are not the first to get a proper Hamleys Store (Airports and concessions in House of Fraser don’t count I’m afraid) you were beaten by the proud former holder of the worst town in Britain title. As a salutary reminder of the looming recession it is worth noting that the next tenants of the Luton Hamleys store when it closed down were no less than Poundsaver.

4 thoughts on “Hamleys Dundrum the first flagship store outside Regent St? Don’t think so…

  1. I was just looking for some detail on Hamleys in Luton and this was the only reference I found.
    I’m glad I did otherwise I would have thought I was going mad.
    I remember being hugely suprised as a kid to find my all time favourite toy shop in Luton on an unscheduled visit to the town (for what reason I don’t remember).
    A year or so later another trip to Luton loomed and I was excited with the prospect of going back just to find it was no longer there.
    A sad day indeed…

  2. I moved with my family to Luton in 1987.
    I first went into Luyon town centre early 1988 and saw a giant teddy bear out side
    My friend a born and bred Lutonian does’nt
    agree with me.

  3. My friend was just banging on about this we just laughed in his face calling him a silly billy. Now it turns out this is a true story it’s our turns to eat slices of humble pie. Sorry Duncan.

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