Golf lesson #7

Was actually a week ago, but I’ve only just got around to this and #8 is tonight…

The most notable thing was that I played my first round since starting these lessons last week. A work colleague is a member at Ashbourne Golf Club, North of Dublin and invited me out for an evening round. He plays off 18, so it was always going to be interesting, and the course itself is a step above anything I’d played before – with some very challenging holes and a fair bit of water about.

Needless to say things didn’t go well. My 3 wood off the first tee set the tone, skying almost straight up and landing short of the fairway. From there the slice came back big time and I found every bit of water and OOB going. I think I went through nearly ten balls. I was analysing my swing too much and ended up overswinging and not relaxing. There were some higlights however, some of my drives were pretty good, and there were a few good shots around the green. It was certainly a lesson in the fact that the game is easily as much mental as physical/technical. As such I’ve been reading Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Bob Rotella.

The good news is I had a lesson the next day, so it was a case of back on the horse.

The focus of this lesson was very much back the the beginning and the swaying out movement in my right leg on the backswing which had returned. The drill this time was to place a small rubber block (or a ball works as well) under the outside of my right foot to get the body used to feeling the weight shift onto the inside of the right foot, encouraging the knee to stay put. This worked almost immediately (along with a smoother, more relaxed swing) and the shots I were hitting were lovely. I’ve since been on the range almost every day working on this and things have definitely improved.

I also treated myself to a couple of new clubs at the weekend.

When I first got my set of irons they came with a couple of hybrid/rescue clubs as replacements for a 3 and 4 iron. However they were heavy (75g shafts) and never inspired confidence hence never came out of the bag. After reading up on some magazine reviews I decided on getting a TaylorMade r7 CGB Max 19° rescue club, which TaylorMade claim is as easy to hit as a 7 iron. So far on the range it has proved to be lovely, with shots from the mat soaring out.

I also bought a new putter, in anticipation of spending at least one lesson on the putting green. Again, I’d had a cheap and cheerful blade putter which I knew wasn’t helping my alignment and instead splashed out on an Odyssey White Hot 2 ball SRG putter instead.

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