iPhone – the first month

Today, 11th August marks the first full month with my new iPhone. Thoughts so far:

  • The back is proving to be very resilient to scratches, more so than my metal backed iPod Touch proved to be
  • Battery life is reasonable for me now that the novelty factor has worn off. I mostly get away with charging every other night
  • Having data access everywhere is fantastic. I love being able to check Twitter whilst standing in a queue for lunch 🙂
  • Having data access everywhere is a curse. I’ve been told off by my wife a number of times for checking email etc. 🙁
  • I’ve only used 28MB of data in a whole month.
  • GPS and Google Maps whilst not true sat-nav can be very, very useful. It navigated me around a number of flooded roads on Saturday.
  • Not having data when roaming is really annoying (unless you want to pay the huge roaming fee)
  • The length of time that backup takes when syncing is annoying
  • Twitteriffic, Facebook and Texas Hold ‘Em are my top three apps.
  • It does seem kind of slow to draw/refresh/respond to touch when doing some tasks such as opening contacts or the settings page.
  • All in all, I love it.

2 thoughts on “iPhone – the first month

  1. Glad you like your 3G iPhone but I’m really hoping I haven’t lost a month and it really is still August and not September 🙂


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