Wedding anniversary

You know when you first start going out with someone (well, when you were a kid anyway) you’d mark various anniversaries: first week/month etc. Then maybe you’d progress to first year, first year of living together and the like. There was always a little voice in the back of your head saying “yeah, it’s lovely, but it isn’t really a real anniversary is it?”

Well this is the real deal, first wedding anniversary. First anniversary of being married to the best girl in the world in fact.

In fact, seen as we are in Boston and five hours behind at the moment it has almost been and gone, but nevertheless we are just about to head out to celebrate with dinner at L’Espalier, a swanky restaurant that, notwithstanding the fact that The Michelin Guide don’t cover Boston yet, seems to have won a good deal of plaudits and is the #1 Boston restaurant on (including a glowing review from my work colleague Suzanne!)

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