Putting my iMac up on eBay

If you are maybe looking for a good value, well specced and excellent condition second hand desktop Mac, and you are in Ireland or the UK, then my 2.33Ghz, 3GB, 500GB HD 24″ iMac is up for auction on eBay

The plan is to replace it with a personal Macbook Pro as and when the next update for them comes along (hoping for Quad Core and maybe Bluray to come along) In the meantime all of my media/RAW images etc are stuck onto external drives and my work Macbook Pro will suffice for running my iTunes library and the odd bit of photo editing.

Given it is likely that the work one won’t get upgraded for at least two years (it is 18 months old) I’ll probably end up handing it back for somebody else to have when I get my own!

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