My thoughts on the iPad

Because you know there just aren’t enough opinions out there on this one…

  • First gut feeling was 4:3, are you kidding?
  • Even after thinking about it I’d prefer a 16:9 ratio even if the main intent is for it to be used in portrait
  • Huuge bezel, but then I guess you need to hook a thumb around when holding one handed and can’t have it interfere with the multitouch display
  • With an iPhone and Macbook Pro I don’t see the use for me. I’m not even interested in an eBook reader.
  • My wife likes it, but there is one main drawback. She uses her Macbook for lots of things the iPad would excel at; sadly though, watching DVDs isn’t one of them. Despite my efforts the day of truly media-less movie and TV entertainment isn’t here yet. Her: “I’ve just bought Desperate Housewives season 5 for €20 in HMV. Can I watch it on my night shift tonight?” Me: “Sorry love, I’ve got to rip it all onto a computer first, that will take a day, then you’ve got to sync it all and you’ll have to decide what to take off ‘cos there isn’t enough room on your iPad.” And before you ask, there is no iTunes TV/Movie store in Ireland yet.
  • I could see it being useful as an opportunistic coffee table gadget for a bit of browsing and email…
  • …but without user switching so we can have our own bookmarks, email etc then it seems flawed for the general multi-user purpose.
  • I really couldn’t care less about Flash. The sooner it dies the better.
  • Everybody spot the “iBooks only available in the US” footnote?
  • Would it have been so hard to fit an SD card reader in there somewhere?

Like I did with the iPhone, I’ll happily wait until the second rev, and for an actual need to present itself. Now Mr. Jobs, if you’d like to hurry up with the Quad Core, Blu-Ray toting Macbook Pros then we can talk.

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