Hi, I’m Adrian.

The main focus of this blog is my interest in road cycling. I got the cycling bug in 2010 and since then this blog had been increasingly focussed on my rides and other cycling related posts. Therefore I’ve decided to simply focus on this passion as the primary theme of the blog from now on. I’ll write about interesting rides I do, equipment, the professional side of the sport and any other topics that take my fancy. I hope that somebody finds it interesting. I don’t proclaim any expertise, just enthusiasm.

I’m also starting to get into Triathlon, so expect to see a few posts about that!

Work-wise, I’m a Software Engineer. I have an interest in agile development techniques and tools, Java and Scala. You can discover more about my work background on my LinkedIn profile. If you’ve met me before and stumble across this blog feel free to add me as a connection. I have the odd technical/work-related post on this blog, but you probably won’t see many new ones.

Outside of cycling and work I have two playful dogs which take up all my spare time. I try to fit in some hobbies along the way, but they tend to fall off after an initial wave of enthusiasm and the odd blog post. If you know me socially and stumble onto this blog then you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter

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  3. Hi Adrian

    I came upon your blog via David Currie’s site – I’m also an orienteer like David. I was interested to read your recent post re: Apple / Leopard. I took the plunge and bought a MacBook earlier this summer after reading reports about how bad Vista was. I get enough grief from PCs at work. I mainly use my Mac for email, internet access, photography and running the Southampton Orienteers website (www.southampton-orienteers.org.uk). I developed this using Dreamweaver on my home PC (which I still have) but I’m in the process of rewriting the website using RapidWeaver and my Mac. I recently created a web gallery for a large orienteering event using a web gallery ‘creator’ from with Photoshop Elements 5 on my PC. What I’m looking to do is to move away from the PC altogether for maintaining my photos but need a facility to create web galleries. I’m trialling Apple’s Aperture at present but whilst it seems very good at managing the photos at first look it seems lacking in more extensive editing facilities e.g. it dosen’t support layers. You mention on your blog that you’re keen on photography – I’d be interested to learn what apps you use on your Mac to edit / manage your photos. I’ve read good things about a digitising tablet from Wacom called Bamboo and this comes with Elements 4 for the Mac for about £60. Maybe i should use Elements for editing and iPhoto to manage folders / collections etc. Any thoughts?

    One other thing, iChat. When I bought my Mac I signed up for their .Mac service but this expired after 60 days. I’ve read that I can ‘register’ an AIM name = removed to use iChat. Is this correct? If so, would you be willing to try and call me sometime to test that I’ve set things up properly? My brother is keen to get a Mac as well in the near future and it would be great if we could get iChat working between us asap.

    Many thanks

    Steve Pullen

  4. Hi Steve,

    Aperture is mainly a library managment and RAW processing program. You don’t mention what camera you have. If you use a Digital SLR that can produce RAW files then Aperture or Adobe Lightroom would be a good bet for you. Personally I use Lightroom and love it. It is particularly good at producing web gallieries, though it is limited to how you can modify the supplied templates. There are rumours that a plugin mechanism will be announced soon allowing third party plugins to expand Lightroom including adding in extra gallery support. As an example of a Lightroom gallery, check out this one I produced with some shots of a friend’s wedding.

    If you don’t have a DSLR or don’t shoot RAW then a lot of the power of Lightrrom or Aperture will not be required. Photoshop Elements 4 is the current version on the Mac, and is a few years old now. They never brought out Elements 5 for Mac but Elements 6 is on the way in 2008. I use Elements 4 on my iMac for image editing (layers etc) and it integrated nicely with Lightroom as well. I haven’t used it to produce galleries. I’ve not seen the tablet you mention but at that price it seems worth a punt.

    FYI, my typical photo workflow involves importing into Lightroom, RAW processing, doing any touchup in Elements and then exporting JPEGs from Lightroom which I import into iPhoto from where I can view them, upload to flickr etc.

    You can use iChat with an AIM account or a Google Talk account. I use a Google Talk account and it works fine. The new Leopard based features such as screen sharing work fine and there’s not really any reason to need a .mac account for iChat. If you register for a Google Talk account I’d be happy to give you a quick call to try it out. BTW, I have edited your original message to save your email address from being picked up by spammers.



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  6. Hi Adrian,

    I will be a part of Ironman 70.3 Dublin. Yes I’m one of lucky candidates who can be able to register before sold out in few hours. When I googled deeply about the bike course of the event I found your post. Since I’m a novice IM I was extremely happy to find the course details such as elevation, grade. It is really help full and I just want to thank you.
    Thank you very much
    istanbul, Turkey

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