30 weeks to go…


Time to dust off this blog. Over two years since the last post…

However I have good reason in that this week I’ve started my training leading up to Ironman Barcelona on 4th October 2015. For those that don’t know an Ironman is:

  • 2.4 miles of swimming (in this case a sea swim)
  • 112 miles cycling
  • A regular sized marathon of running

All one after the other. The time cut off is 17 hours but at the moment I am optimistic and hoping to sneak in just under 12 hours. The motivation for doing it is no more than that I’ve really got into triathlon over the past couple of years, and I turn 40 in November, so why not?

I’m following a well known Don Fink training plan (the Competitive one from Be Iron Fit) that sees me swim, bike and run in increasing volume over the next thirty weeks. For context I’m a pretty decent swimmer having competed as a kid, have been doing a fair amount of cycling over the past five years but running is my weak point. At the height of my training I’ll be spending over 20 hours per week training on top of work and life! In fact it looks like this:



The two dips in volume are mini-tapers for my intermediate races:

Then it is into the peak phase before a taper down to the event itself.

I’m aiming to document regular updates on the training on this blog, but all the sessions will also be logged to my Strava account.

Finally, a few people have asked if I am doing this for a charity. The answer is no as this will be enough of a challenge without the pressure of reaching a target. However if you would like to make a donation then I’d love it to go to Debra.


This blog has moved here!

Congratulations, you’ve found the new home for Drive Through!

I’ve finally decided that as a software geek I should probably start hosting this blog myself. As such I’ve bought some hosting space from Register1 and a new domain name (well, actually the same name in .com, .co.uk, .net and .org varieties) All the content from the wordpress.com hosted site should be copied over, including comments and categories. Installation and the export/import were all very smooth. The only problem came with hitting a hosting provider limit on PHP script memory usage when importing the old site. I had a duh moment and went back to delete all the askimet spam comments which reduced the xml from 1MB to about 400k. There were no problems after that.

I’ve yet to update the template from the standard, and also add my blogroll. However what I have done is install plugins for Google Analytics and Feedburner to replace the stats which wordpress.com generates. Over time you’ll probably see a few more minor changes, including possibly adding some google adwords stuff.

I’m not planning on updating the wordpress.com version of Drive Through… any more, so to keep up to date with me from now on, please update your bookmarks to:


and your feed reader to:

http://feeds.feedburner.com/drivethroughnew (or just click the feed icon your browser gives you)

I’ve yet to figure out what I need to do with the wordpress.com version of this blog. Obviously there are google and technorati search hits which will still find it, so people may still be commenting on posts there. Hence the rather obvious title to this entry which hopefully will give people the hint 😉