IBM podcasting gets publicity

IBM has really taken podcasting to heart, both externally to our clients (and potential clients) and also internally. have just published a podcast entitled “Big Blue Dives into Podcasting” with Ben Edwards from IBM Corporate Communications on how we use podcasting on both sides of the firewall.

Externally there are a wide variety of ‘casts available. The first and still one of the best is the “IBM and the future of…” series. Each episode looks at the future of a particular area of life and how technology will affect it. Over at developerWorks you can find the “Websphere Technical Podcast” series which covers various aspects of our SOA story, including an episode from fellow Hursley blogger Richard Brown.  You might also want to check out the “Week on DeveloperWorks” and “Developerworks Interviews” podcasts. Details of all the DeveloperWorks ‘casts including the feeds are here.

There’s loads more out there that I’ve not personally listened to, such as this new “Shortcuts” series.

Internally, we have a central podcasting site to which any employee can post their own podcasts. Of course, as we do with blogging we have a set of podcasting guidelines as well. There are all manner of ‘casts available internally from recordings of teleconferences (which help the company save significant amounts of money by allowing people to listen to the calls in their own time rather than needing hundreds of lines on the teleconference.) to an internal Battle of the Bands podcast which has proven to be hugely popular.

I’m in on the game. Along with my partner in crime, Steve Haskey, I produce a podcast called “Park Life” which is an occasional series of technical interviews, features, news and off-the-wall pieces based on what’s happening at Hursley. We’ve produced three editions so far, the last of which focussed on the Hursley Technical Exchange event held a couple of months ago. HTX sees a week of presentations and events aimed at giving employees a chance to interact with people and topics they don’t normally come across. We get a number of external speakers in and amongst them this year were Simon Singh (science broadcaster and writer) and Robert Llewellyn (technologist, presenter and actor.) We managed to grab interviews with both of them for the podcast.

Of course, being an internal podcast, I can’t point you to a link (if you are inside the firewall then just go to Podcast Central and look up Park Life.) However, included in the aforementioned podcast is a snippet of Park Life and some nice complimentary remarks about us 🙂