Richard Lee proves popular

This blog netted a new record views/day figure yesterday. The post responsible was this one on Watford goalkeeper Richard Lee, who appeared on the BBC TV show Dragons’ Den earlier this year.

Richard has been second in line to the first team ‘keeper spot behind the on-loan Ben Foster of Manchester United and England. However recently with Ben’s injury Richard has had his chance, and taken it with some excellent performances. Last night saw us play Manchester City away, and Richard put in a man of the match performance with some astounding saves, earning himself a clean sheet and Watford a valuable away point with a 0-0 draw. Seen as the game was live on Sky Sports, it is perhaps unsurprising that he seems to have gained a few admirers, as my search engine stats show:

Richard Lee search engine stats


Good to see that Ig and Matt from BSaD have started up their new blog: BHaPPY. Already there are some great entries loosely based around Watford FC and football in general. I’m loving Ig’s ramblings on daytime TV, especially as I’m currently working at home and eagerly awaiting the start of Car Booty at 11:30. Good work chaps.

Watford ‘keeper on Dragons’ Den

Fresh from facing Manchester United last Saturday, Watford goalkeeper Richard Lee appears on tonight’s edition of Dragons’ Den. Apparently he and his business partner are looking for investment in their baseball cap business. Should be interesting to watch, and hopefully they will be on for more than 30 seconds. Richard always comes across as a nice bloke, and does not fit the typical footballer stereotype. Saturday was his first appearance in 16 months after an unsuccessful loan spell at Blackburn so it is good to see that he has pursued other non-footballing avenues during that time.

Farewell BSAD

Watford are now three games into our return to the top flight, and we only have one point to show for our efforts so far. Saturday saw Manchester United visit Vicarage Road and for many Watford fans it also signified the last match to be covered by the first and best Watford fan-site: Blind, Stupid and Desperate.

For neigh-on twelve years, BSAD has provided Watford fans, and fans of football with a view of the goings on at Vicarage Road, both on and off the pitch. Ig and Matt have a particular talent for perfectly capturing the mood of Watford supporters in their writing. What’s more, BSAD was never the rosy-tinted, biased place that most unofficial football websites become. They told it straight, never more so than in the last ever match report, and displayed objectivity and honesty that puts most professional sports writers to shame. The glorious tangents that match reports often took also highlighted a fair amount of comic talent.

When Ig started the site many years ago whilst working for a web design company in Brighton I’m sure he never thought it would still be going strong after so long, but sadly, time has come for Ig and Matt to call it a day. I first came across BSAD and the Watford Mailing List whilst at university in Leeds, and I started to occasionally contribute pieces, but as time moved on and work and the like get in the way other priorities got in the way. How Ig and Matt have kept it going so long I don’t know, but with Ig being self-employed and Matt having a young daughter to take his attention and sleep I can fully understand that it is time for BSAD to stop. Thankfully, speaking to them on Saturday, they plan to start a blog so at least the web will still benefit from some great writing.

All good things must come to an end, and they don’t come much better than Blind, Stupid and Desperate. Thanks for the memories chaps.